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Fucked Hard 18 is all about hot girls wanting a massage then end up getting fucked hard which is where the name comes from.


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The content on Fucked Hard 18 is exclusive to the website so you won’t see the goodies here anywhere else. It really gets exciting when the girl comes in the room and she lies face down while wearing nothing but a towel. The massage therapist asks some really silly questions but it does not take long before both of their clothes go off and they fuck each other in a hardcore manner. There are 282 episodes and it seems pretty obvious that you will love every single one of them as the chicks get fucked real hard. The filming was well done as well and the chicks are so hot you are just going to stare blank into their asses like you want to touch it. There is no doubt the massage therapist would already get a hard on so you can’t blame them if they want to get into those white asses. The girl or girls if there are two of them would already feel aroused when someone is touching her right on her private parts.

You got the option to download the movies in parts but it would be better to download them as a whole. There are Windows Media player and MP4 options offered. You can also stream them in an embedded player. Most of the videos are already in high definition and each one of them come with a photo set. You can save all the photos in a Zip file so you can just come back later and take a look at them if you are not feeling that horny yet. You can also leave comments and rate everything here as well. There is an advanced search engine here so you can use tags to arrive with what you want.

Fucked Hard 18 puts out weekly updates which is not bad. With the same login details, you can also have access to Seduce by Massage. There are no model bios here though but that does not matter since you are just here to see them get fucked hard which is exactly what happens. You can just sit in disbelief as to how the massage therapist can get so lucky as he touches those soft asses on the cheeks.